To defy or define?

Writing has always been something I wanted to do. Poetry, books anything really. Like so many of us life often takes us in another direction. It’s always when there though. It’s brought me here. After living my life with the ferocity of a natural disaster and finally entering the calm of the storm, I feel this may be a great next step. An indefinite biography, a documentation of life experience and inexperience. I’ve experienced a lot in 33 years but, haven’t really done anything I thought I would. Polar opposite actually. Multiple families growing up, teenage pregnancy, addiction, self indulgence, being homeless, employment, college, marriage, children, mental health problems. You name it. I have learned so much but, in great need of more knowledge. I want to better myself. Help others. Share my story. Hopefully someone will listen.


7 thoughts on “To defy or define?

  1. first off welcome to blogging!
    secondly good on you to be starting a journey in the world of writing.
    i truly hope that you continue because i feel that you will learn a lot
    from your adventure.

    you seem like a very life-experienced individual with a lot to tell
    so again welcome

  2. This is amazing holly. When I read it its like reading a new book, only its your life. I’m glad you’re writing,because you’re truley amazing at it. as your friend I want to let you know I’m here. I probably won’t understand or always know what to say,but I’m a great listener. I’ve been in a dark place myself, maybe not as dark as you, but I know that whether people liek to admit it its always nice to have some just listen, to vent too. I can’t wait to read more. 🙂

    • Thank you. I always wanted to write a memoir. I gotta start somewhere. Maybe it will lead to bigger things someday. Like I said my goal is the help myself, help others and laugh along the way. Thanks again

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